You always need a hammer!

Ever mindful that people crave something extra from their purchases these days and in an age where information is pretty easy to come by we started to look about the place for a good DF65 rig building guide, low and behold we can’t find many good ones and those that are out there don’t tend to cover the mast and boom building tasks, more the putting together of the kit supplied rigs.

So we started our own “Soch Sails” rig building guide. It comes from over 2.5 years of building DF65 rig kits, from the first ones that hit the shops to those supplied today in completely unassembled form. We are basing our manual on what we know works, it might not be what your mate says works but we know it does.

The great thing is that you don’t need a MENSA membership or a Rocket Science degree to follow our DF65 rigging guide, you just need a good hour or so of quiet time and a few cups of tea.


Rigging Guide production, including cups of tea and a hammer…you always need a hammer…

I’m hoping to get the guide completed and posted online within the next few days so that you guys can use it to build the shiny new DF65 rigs that you keep buying from us!

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