Busy Times!

This week has been a little condensed a we were away during the early part of the week and we returned to some useful orders including one for a set of sails for a different class of yacht, the Wee Nip. The sails are still single panel so didn’t present too much of a challenge however the sail numbers needed to be inked on which isn’t something we’ve done before.

However a quick purchase of some stencil film and a couple of minutes on the cutter and hey presto we’ve sorted it including the class insignia and we are quite pleased with them too, as is the owner!


Wee Nip Sails including inked on numbers.

Because we are happy with the way they look and the ease of production and application we have decided to offer them for sale on our Sail Numbers page which gives you guys more options!

We haven’t had any sailing time this week but we have added some updated photos to our Hull & Deck Sticker page and we have decided that everyone likes a sticker so we’ve added a toolbox sticker to the bottom of each sticker set.

DSCF0591Toolbox sticker complete with application tape, we are good to you!

As well as all this we’ve had a steady flow of orders going out of the door and a busy weekend of sailmaking ahead of us, perhaps if the weather is right we might get out for a spot of sail testing which is exciting as we’ve got some new sails to test that are a bit different to what we’ve done before. Absolutely illegal for a DF65 but very cool if you own an RG65. Not something we’ll be offering until we are happy that we’ve got it right but something we are quite excited about!

Head detail

Notice anything different about this sail?

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