So as I mentioned in my last post, we were looking for a suitable replacement for Soch Sails Global HQ, it seems that this morning we have found it and we are now the proud owners of a 20 foot container office thing.

So we need to get busy moving out of the current shed and into the new one which should be with us in a couple of weeks.  In the interim period we have lots of prep to do to get the site ready for the new office and as such we will need to have a complete shutdown of production to allow us to get this done.

Any order placed from now on 28th Feb 2018 will be subject to at least a two week production time, I hope that we can get things sorted a little quicker than this but please be aware of the delay. Rig bags and sticker sets as well as RC Laser parts should still be able to be shipped during the shutdown but again, there may be a small delay in our usually super quick service.

We’ll be available on the phone as usual or by email.

Thanks for your understanding as we expand the Soch Sails brand to a bigger HQ.



Did you miss me?

Happy New Year, yes I know it’s very nearly the end of January but we’ve been crazy busy here at Soch Sails HQ with one thing or another and even though I’ve meant to sit down and write a bit so you guys know I’m ok and still alive, I have just been cracking on with loads of fun orders during January.

I’ve reached a point this afternoon where I have completed all but one big order for one of our trade customers which consists of 40 ish suits of sails, 50 odd sticker sets, patch sets etc etc so that’ll keep me busy next week!

So what news? Well not a huge amount to be honest, I’ve found some new laminate material which I’ve been testing and have found it to be pretty good for the DF65 C suit, I’ve not tried it in any other sizes but it should work for DF95 C and D suits as well.  I’ll get them up on the shop as soon as I have a spare minute or two.


Laminate C suit

We’ve sent a good selection of goodies all over the globe this month from patch sets to numbers, sails and rig bags. We have also seen some of the new style DF65 rig kits trickle into stock, still no A+ rig kits but A, B and C are all available with the new style booms and head fitting. We also have a number of DF95 rigs in stock, I’m looking at a tube which should have the majority of the parts to make up B rig kits for the DF95, when I’ve checked I’ll pop them back on the shop.

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails recently from customers who have bought goodies from us and wanted to let us know that their boats looked pretty cool with the new goodies, gold spangly sticker sets on a DF65 and DF95 were particular favourites along with a suit of “stealth” dayglo orange DF65 sails a customer has teamed with a new orange coloured hull from the USA, very understated as you can imagine!



As well as being super busy sending out our products to all corners of the globe we have recently found a little time to begin our journey into paneled sails and after much reading, tea, head scratching, more tea, some drawing and measuring we have produced our first suit of Soch Sails IOM sails which look pretty nice.  A long way to go with this journey but next stop is getting them measured to make sure they comply to the class rules, then we can get them bent on and out sailing somewhere soon.


IOM A suit awaiting measurement.

I haven’t done much racing recently but the DF65 winter series at West Lancs YC is providing some fun racing every other week and it makes up a whole weekend next weekend as the DF Racing UK 2018 TT series kicks off at the club. I’m doing my first bit of race officering on Saturday for the DF95’s which should be fun with nearly 30 entries so far for both days.

Just some advance warning about a planned shutdown sometime in February. We are hoping to swap offices once more as we require more space so there will be no production for a week or so whilst this happens. We aren’t sure when it’ll be just yet but we’ll keep you posted as we know more.


An office…on a boat….in a boatyard, I love “HMS Treehouse” but it just isn’t big enough anymore.

As usual, the shop is open 24 hours to take your order and we are operating on a 24 – 48 hour turn around time for all orders at the moment, a nice place to be!

Thanks for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yachts, hopefully we’ll be able to power some of your other yachts soon!

Some pictures of some recent work below.

A+ anyone?

DF65 Selection

DF95 Selection

“Stealth” Selection

Christmas shutdown, sort of!

So here we are on Thursday morning with all our Christmas orders completed and shipped bar two which came in overnight and will be sorted today.

Today will be our last posting day until the 27th so if you haven’t sorted it by today you won’t get it for Christmas I’m afraid.

We’ll be in the office most days sorting stuff out as it comes in which should see orders fulfilled in good time after the Christmas break.

Thanks again for another bonkers year where our business has continued to flourish, I’m confident that 2018 will be another fun year too!

Have a great festive season making sure that you spend quality time with the ones you love. This will earn you maximum brownie points for sailing next year!

A bit of an update

So we were a little overwhelmed by the response to our free postage weekend, and as well as dealing with this we have had a busy ordering period on the lead up to Christmas too which is why you haven;t heard from us in ten or so days!

Anyhow we have completed all but three of the free postage orders which will be done early next week and we have two other orders on our books that need building next week too.

£500 worth of postage receipts (yes really!) and nearly two weeks later we have shipped out over 80 orders, 95% of these orders have been custom made to order, packed and shipped by my own chubby little hands. Around 75 – 80% of the orders contained one or more suits of custom made sails, some of which are pictured below. I’ve worked some silly hours over the last few weeks and really do think I might now deserve a beer or two and perhaps even a day off.



Oh boy am I going to enjoy this beer!!

The shop will be open to take orders whilst I’m in the pub and we’ll be shipping orders right up until the 21st December which will see a UK order delivered in time for Christmas. I think an overseas order probably will not reach you by Christmas now but you never know, we seem to be beaming into the USA at an average of 9 days over the last few weeks but I doubt the good service will last from USPS!

I’m signing out now and I’m off for a beer or three!

Thanks for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yachts.


An average posting day over the last week or so, Mrs Post loves us!

That went well!

So we are here on Monday morning looking at a whole raft of orders, 55 actually, that came in over the weekend during our free shipping offer. It seems that many of you have taken the opportunity to purchase sails (65 suits to be exact), rig kits (16) and lots of other little bits and bats such as DF deck patches and spares for your RC Laser.

Obviously we hadn’t quite expected the response that we have had and it has taken us a little by surprise so here’s how it’ll go down.  Spare parts, deck patches and sticker orders will be gone from here by close of business on Wednesday and then we’ll work our way through the sails and hope to have the majority of them shipped out by the end of next week. I’m not sure we can work any quicker than that but even that timescale puts us well within our usual delivery window.

Thanks for choosing Soch Sails, we’ll be with you just as soon as we’ve gotten our head out of this blender…..

Silly Cyber Weekend Discounts….

So we’ve never gotten involved with Black Friday or Cyber Monday before, however this year we’ve decided that we should offer you guys a chance to grab some of our products with some sort of discount. We thought about a Friday deal and then a Monday deal and in the end decided that we’d just have a weekend deal.

So here it is, from midnight tonight, Friday, to midnight Sunday you can order whatever you like from our shop, pay for it, and we’ll ship it to you absolutely free of charge, wherever in the world you might be.

A great deal for those of you who have considered a purchase of some stickers or suchlike but didn’t like the shipping rate on a single set to your location.

Now’s your chance to get something ordered that you’ve always wanted from the Soch sails shop.

All you need to do is enter the promo code ‘cyberweekender’ in the checkout area and hey presto you’ve got your order shipped for free! The code is good for one order per customer so make sure you order correctly first time round!


Back in Harness

So, after a good ten day break over in the USA racing at their DF95 National Championships we had arrived safely back in the UK and are getting back into the swing of things here. It’s jolly nice to be back at home, but it is certainly a little colder than it was over in Florida.


At the regatta we did ok and placed 9th overall which was a reasonable result, my wingman, Chuck finished 8th with housemates Danny and Steve finishing 11th and 2nd. Some epic social events happened too, with our rental house being the perfect hosting venue for such gatherings.


Having flown back in to Manchester on Tuesday morning we then had a 120 mile drive home to complete before trying hard not to fall asleep until it was actually later then 2100. Wednesday was a disjointed day with a couple of pre planned appointments out of the office, however today has been a super productive day with more than half of our holiday orders shipping out to customers in the USA, Australia and Japan as well as many other locations around the globe.


So we are back, but so are our great rig bags, we’ve been and collected a batch today and they are back on the shop and available here

We have both the DF65 four pocket bags and the DF95 four pocket bags available.

We should have completed almost all our orders by the end of the weekend and we will be prepping our Black Friday deals for you guys to get on board with later next week.

For all your DF65 and DF95 needs remember that the shop is always open.